St. Hubert's Episcopal Church

Originally formed in 1893, it found its current home in 1929

The church has a rich and interesting history. On July 9, 1893, it was dedicated and named The Church of the Transfiguration and was located on Little Mountain. Twenty-three years later, it was moved to Salida Beach in Mentor-on-the-Lake and sat on the grounds of the Holliday House for girls, a summer recreational facility. It was closed in 1925.

The church was moved to its present location, dedicated and renamed St. Hubert's on June 2, 1929. The framework of the main chapel, the stained glass windows, and the bell sustained the move.

Initially the church was a summer chapel, open four months of the year. Year round services began at St. Hubert's in 1970.

(Credit: St. Hubert's)



8870 Baldwin Rd., Kirtland Hills, OH 44060 ~ Open for services